Bruce and I visited Star today, she started phenobarbital after her appointment with the neurologist yesterday. I had expected she was going to be sort of tired and dopey, but, being Star, she went the other way, to sort of frantic and dopey. It usually takes a couple weeks before they start to even out, but I certainly am glad she's got meds on board now. Border collies have a tendency as a breed to be resistant to seizure meds, and often require mulitple medications - but that is not always the case. Unfortunately it's more ... wait and see. And see what side effects the meds may have on her. So far, an interesting side effect of the seizures has been to make Star more cuddly and affectionate. So, hey, I'll take at least a little something positive at this point.

On the hunt for a local vet that would be a good match with Star and Mary and their needs without having to drive into Portland. After some research I'm going to go check out a place in Sherwood tomorrow. I, too, need to find a local vet - so I'm taking London in to get a bump he's been licking checked out and scope out the place. Finding a vet that I truly trust is a difficult thing, which is why I do drive to North Portland - but it's very unconvenient, especially if I need to get in right away. I do plan to take Bright up to North Portand for her spay though, I really trust them for surgeries and I want to get the ovary-only spay (which they do).

London smells like towel left overnight in a washer though, from continually lying in the kiddie pool over the summer (he just doesn't dry!). So I was kind and gave London a bath, which he rarely EVER gets. London is a huge pain in the ass to bathe, his coat is VERY water repellent and it takes fricken forever just to get him WET. Poor guy, I decided to just do it outside so I could have the water pressure of the hose, and that DID make it much faster ... and also much chillier. For all the hot weather we've been having, we didn't even make it up to 70 today! London survived though, he smells much better and he was ridiculously fluffy. I did take some pictures later in the day, but he just sort of looks ... the same as he always does. Washing dogs never seems worth it. And it won't take long for him to smell like a musty damp towel again. But, hopefully, he'll be presentable for his trip to the vet - which he'll actually enjoy. The only one of my dogs that does,  I think. Well, except maybe Navarre.

Navarre ALSO has a vet appointment tomorrow, later in the day at the rehab vet. He still seems off to me, subtly, but even Ellie noticed it at obedience today. So I'm glad I have the appointment and we'll see what she finds. Certainly Navarre has seemed less focused and not much into training the last couple days, compared to how he was. But I also know that can happen with teething - of which he's hard at work at. Poor guy, can't do much, and didn't want to train either - what is a puppy to do? He's currently rolling around with a bully stick, love that boy, just want him to be a puppy again. Today we started working on a very important skill - learning to catch food. He just flinches. He did catch a couple today, he's starting to get the idea.

Lots of good with the boys at obedience today, which certainly was not true when we practiced this week. But it won't be long until October and their trials, so we had better get a move on. London CAN do everything ... but sometimes doesn't. The good news about that is that London tends to bring his A game to competitions, so that's helpful. Haku is trending well. Gloves are good, moving stand is good, articles are good. We did all our heelwork in 'slow' today and Haku did great. The directed jumping portion is good, the go-outs are actually pretty good too! We ran into several new issues this week though, first, Haku has decided that ignoring my sit cue is okay if he thinks he needs to get his hose first - so we'll be working on his sit independently this week. Secondly, we never really proofed signals with jumps around ... and he totally thinks he should always take a jump on his recall. So, uh, that needs work. Signals are weak in general too, especially if he's, say, thinking about which jump he wants to take for the recall. Dork. Need some fun match action to see what other gaping holes we need to fill, as I think there will be plenty in Haku's case. Having never actually done utility myself, there is a lot that I don't know about. LIke I keep forgetting what I say when they ask what I'm going to do with articles, "After a sit" is what I want to remember, but it never comes to me.

In other drug related news, Dragon has been off his prozac for a couple weeks now. Certainly seeing a lot of changes in him, he is more 'jumpy' and reactive. However, he's getting back to being ridiculously cuddly and sweet and just LOVES to snuggle again. He lost a lot of that on the prozac, and haven't seen this side of him for three months. Hasn't peed on anything yet, so, we'll see.

London says this is as white as he gets

Pose, dammit!

Or just go chase your ball, whatever


Apparently his siblings are all very grey - who's laughing at his giant white head now?

As glamorous as London gets

Happy and smelling good!

After playing around outside this evening I brush out of my hair what I THOUGHT was a leaf - but turned out to be this giant preying mantis - she just wanted to hitch a ride on my head, apparently

(no subject)

Poor Star had another seizure last night. She sees the neurologist tomorrow and will no doubt start medication as well. Her age along with the severity and the frequency of the seizures is frightening though. I can only hope that she responds well to the meds. My thoughts are with Mary and Star, for tomorrow and for the future. It's also difficult on a personal level me, I can't help but relate everything to my brother's life - it's been an emotional time.

Certainly puts Navarre's injury in perspective, but I was disheartened to hear him yelp and start limping on our walk from the house to the car this morning. I made an appointment for Navarre at the rehab vet on Friday, and Tammy kindly took a look at him today. There just wasn't much to see, no obvious signs of any injury. However, she was able to illicit a pain response, but couldn't localize it. And of course before and after that he acted perfectly fine. Walking around you MAY see a slight head bob at faster speeds. And that doesn't bother me so much as the random crying out - why?

After we got home I pretty much let him be free in the house with the other dogs and waited and watched. And waited. And waited. And watched. And absolutely no sign of anything, even with more activity then he's had. Jumping on and off the couch, pouncing on toys, tugging with London - nothing. Isn't that always the way? Still, if making an appointment at rehab vet cures him, I will take that. And I'm most definitely still going to the appointment, he did have a traumatic event in the yard, and was injured. Certainly wouldn't hurt to have an expert go over him and see if there is anything that needs to be addressed. He's so young, which is good in some respects, puppies are made of rubber - but he's also young, you don't want to do anything stupid at this age while he's still growing, and him being such a good boy.

I just want to play with my puppy again, he really is such a fun boy - and such a good distraction. Puppies make everything better. Even if it's just by amusing me with his naughtiness. He has discovered that if he goes downstairs he can fit the cat door through the petgate to get into the litterboxes down there. I know this because he goes down there and brings up his treasures to eat UPSTAIRS. Thanks for sharing, Navarre.

Here is a random video of puppy entertaining himself. The ending amuses me, yes, that's my shoe:

Happy to be back to teaching as well, with the cool weather today and the fact that most dogs ended up not being able to do much of anything over summer break because of the heat, doggies were SO HAPPY to be back! Bright was in the same boat, and she had so much fun. Four year old Bright really is amazing, I love her attitude and confidence - such a differenrt dog then when she was younger. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see that enthusiasm and smile. I tell people all the time to have faith in four years old - it's a magical age.

Navarre thought this would be a better picture if he backed into his 2o/2o


Navarre has a lot of big boy teeth ... sort of

Ears continue to do their own thing, sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes a little of both

My dorky beautiful boy


Puppy chaser

Another day of MOSTLY nothing for Navarre, but I don't trust that he's okay. We continue to work on QUIET tricks, and he's figured out holding the dumbbell and finding the food tin. His sit up is also getting stronger. I took some bad video, which is better than no video:

Of course, then I let the dogs inside this evening and he acted like a total nutjob, probably managing to reinjure himself in the span of 30 seconds before I could catch him. And I'm like, "Are those excitement squeaks or hurting squeaks?" More rest for Navarre - love that guy. Definitely giving everyone extra snuggles today.

More sadness

As much as I hoped that Star's seizure would have been a weird fluke, she had another one today, about a week after her first. Just breaks my heart, for Star and for Mary. Their whole lives have been thrown into turmoil and stress, and this is just the beginning. Neurologist this week and I'm sure Star will be started on medication, which have their own side effects and issues - and no guarantee they will help. Such a scary and uncertain place to be in, where Mary is having to cancel all her plans into the indefinite future, and Star's life and activities will all be placed on hold as well as they just wait and see if she has another. Just devestating, and so hard to even know what may happen in the future - and nothing anyone can really do. I just want Star to be okay ...

Naughty puppy is naughty

Remember this tiny easy puppy? What the hell happened to that puppy? 4 month old Navarre is comically bad in such horrifying but admittedly creative ways. There was MUCH carrying of naughty puppies today, and we barely DID anything. Navarre was MOSTLY chilling in the yard or in a crate. And the limp is so much better today. It MAY be gone, but I feel like I still see it, and he did a couple yelpy things today - but he's had enough improvement that I'm way more relaxed about it. He's getting better, I assume with more rest he'll be fine. I can't help but have worries of lifelong injuries and such, but I'm optimistic that THIS time he didn't actually break anything important. Probably.

That said, I had him out and about with just Fenwick while I was cooking dinner. NORMALLY he just lays inconviently in the middle of the kitchen and looks expectant for tidbits. Not today! I heard a weird noise and go find he had apparently stolen my toenail trimmers from my desk and was throwing them around the room. Took those away, went back to the kitchen, and literally not 2 minutes after that I turn around and he's STANDING ON THE WINDOWSILL. WTF? That was a new one, never had a dog up there before. Rescued the puppy from breaking himself AGAIN, and I don't remember what else he did - but he got escorted out.

Okay, now this one you may not want to read because it's basically TMI (move on to the next paragraph if you're squeamish), but it is something that has NEVER happened to me and I was horrified. So I'm peeing in the bathroom, puppy is in there with me bringing me socks and underwear from the hamper to play with (thanks, just what I always wanted!). Finish, stand up, pull up my pants and turn to flush and Navarre, like freaking ninja, dives into the toilet and steals the used toilet paper from the bowl and darts away to eat it. OMG - SO GROSS.

Anyway, it's just been like that ALL DAY LONG. And he's still SUPER sweet and cute. And probably more cuddly than ever, and I can't say he's being deliberatly naughty so much as REALLY CREATIVE. 4 month old Navarre is definitely much more of a challenge than 3 month old Navarre. And getting WAY too heavy to be carried around today, which he got a LOT of.

I just really want him to be a normal puppy again, which will hopefully be soon. Thanks to weaselpuppy's suggestion, we did introduce scent articles today though! I broke out my tins and tried the food method, which in a nutshell is food in the tin, dog brings the tin to you and you open it up for them to eat. If they bring you the wrong tin you open it up and show there was no food in that one, so they, hopefully, start sniffing to find the tin that has the food. Navarre did both really good and then really bad at this. He figured out right away once I added new tins to sniff for the food. Added a few more tins, he brought be a couple wrong tins, then figured it out again. Then he just started randomly bringing me EVERY tin, proving that he didn't actually have the right idea. But in the end went back to searching for the right tin. We shall see how it goes, but he seemed to think it was quite fun. We also worked on some sit-ups, because that involves no front legs at all! He SEEMS to understand 'wait', which when I want Bright to hold a position I cue the position and then 'wait' - and she gets that, because she's super smart. The boys never really got it, but Navarre SEEMS to understand that wait means hold that position. I wouldn't put money on it though.

I guess Navarre never was a TINY puppy

Look at that cute little piggy nose!

Broken puppy

Ugh, puppy broke himself out in the dog yard this morning. No idea what he did, it's not like there is much of anything back there to get in trouble with. I heard him yelping and ran down and he was limping on his front right. I hoped it was just a minor thing, no issues on manipulation, but offloading onto that side was painful, I'm assuming shoulder. Put in him a crate and waited a few hours ... still limping. It's not the worst limp in the world, but puppies shouldn't limp. Ever. And I'm worried what he might have done, as even after having a day where he was MOSTLY totally chill, same limp tonight, still tender on that front right. You can see some not very helpful video footage of the limp here.

Super sad my puppy is broken, even though he certainly doesn't think so. And when I said he had been MOSTLY chill today, there was an ... incident. 4 month old Navarre is proving to be not nearly as easy as three month old Navarre. I went to edit some video from the trial yesterday, and as soon as Navarre heard me running agility with Bright he FLIPPED HIS SHIT. And starting screaming out the window, looking for it. So, yeah, stopped doing that immediately. But he had been chewing on a bully stick, so I let him outside for a second to let him pee. Because, you know, 3 month old Navarre had this down to an art, go out, pee, and back inside in under 15 seconds. However, apparently he was still looking for the agility, because he did not calmly go outside to pee, he took off running to the other side of the yard to go run through a tunnel. Oops. I mean, it's KIND of cute, but just not at this particular moment with the leg thing.

Poor pup, we had fun plans in the works for this weekend and next week - and now he gets to do nothing. And Navarre has had an action packed schedule from the time he came home, I don't know how he's going to do with suddenly doing nothing and going nowhere. We shall see. And I have just sat around playing video games all day, didn't want to take dogs out in the crazy weather, and Haku is still healing his pad. Bah, broken puppies aren't good for anyone.

Sigh. I hope he's better tomorrow ...

Naughty Navarre


Navarre has such a sweet, gentle presence that when his naughty side comes out, it's always a bit jarring. I certainly didn't expect it today, and as Navarre is usually so GOOD I was way too relaxed and Navarre got away from me ... and ran amuck at the UKI trial today. Luckily it's a small trial, no one was running at the time and it's a safe place to be. He not only zoomed around the arena, he LEFT the arena, ran a loop outside, came back in the side door, did another loop, went back OUT of the arena again ... well, you get the picture. Naughty, naughty puppy I managed to scoop up as he ran by, as he certainly wasn't responding to recalls. Agility makes Navarre CRAZY.

And he did sit on my lap and watch for a while, with only a little disturbing screaming as I kept his mouth full of cheese. Then he just jumped the wall into the arena, which is about 3 feet tall. So naughty. Yet he was so cute and quiet in the car and loved saying hi to everyone and played some with a beardie/BC mix (he recognized the BC, scruffy face or not). He was a good boy too ... but when he's naughty, he's very naughty. And the two parts of him are so different, his sweet and mellow and cuddly side and screaming, barking, running amuck side. I'm sure he'll eventually be a good dog. He, uh, is just not there yet.

To be fair, Navarre didn't get much action at the trial, it was another small UKI trial which meant that we ran quite a few courses in a very short period of time. And with running both girls, I was either warming up, cooling down, running courses or building the next one. Busy, busy. I do so love that UKI goes so quickly though! 4 runs in like 2.5 hours, pretty darn good. Fun courses by Daisy today, which gave some fun options on how to best handle them. I like options, though it's a little more difficult when I have to do different handling with both girls. And did I mention the horrid humidity today? It was SO GROSS, I don't know how places that are super humid do it. This was very humid for Oregon, and it's just so hard to breathe and run and SO STICKY. Ick.

Girls had lots of good stuff, as usual, and things to work on too, of course. Yet more weavepole proofing we need to work on. Bright I could pull out by spinning around while she weaves, Eva pulled out when I pushed on her exit. Eva was dropping a lot of bars, and not really in typical early jumpnig situations, so I'm not sure what that was about. But I made sure to choose handling that I felt she could reasonably achieve, and she tried really hard. Bright only dropped two, I think, one of which was me trying a funny weave exit thing, and one was hers.

I didn't get her first run on video, but it felt pretty good other than a poorly handled dogwalk exit, and then we got suckier as the day went on. On the one hand, I love that Bright was super excited today! On the other hand, not her normal easy self in some cases. But her issues were mostly her being too far ahead of me (wheee!) or just driving forward like a boss when obviously my cues were not big enough. Bright was feeling SASSY. Looking forward to getting back into agility with her - it really does make her happy. More UKI trials planned for the end of the year, which makes ME happy.

Fun times with UKI and the girls, my favorite venue.

The Navarre/London connection

Many people have remarked how similar Navarre and London are. I didn't think anything of it at first, I mean, they're both border collies, they're both merle, okay, similar. But then I'm looking at pictures and if you made Navarre a split face they do kinda look alike. They do share a lot of personality traits, they are the bombproof, outgoing ones in the family. Navarre even likes to play two-ball like London (taking two toys and then stacking them on one another, grabbing first one then the other - and finding this infinitely entertaining). Admittedly, Haku also loves him some two ball, more than London actually. But if I did have to describe Navarre, he's like London, but much sweeter and more into people.

The clouds rolled in this evening and the weather started to change, my god it felt good. I could sit out in the middle of the yard and the dogs could run around. No hiding in the shade or waiting until the sun went down. Soon we will be FREE. Maybe. I'd like to think today was the last of summer and we won't have any more tempertures up near 90 degrees. This weekend, low 70s and RAIN. So happy! Just in time, UKI trial with the girls tomorrow, should be fun.

Unfortunately the boys obedience match was cancelled, which I'm not going to complain about because another section of Haku's pad fell off. I had worried about it after the last injury, and I worry about it happening again as it's like a quarter size hole where you can literally lift up the edges all around it, so I think the whole pad is just waiting to fall off - pieces at a time. Before it was the bottom left and this is the upper portion. Obviously very ouchy for Haku, but he's already better today. He had to miss more obedience today though, he's very sad being on house arrest.

So just Navarre and London, and we managed to screw around with the puppy for most of the lesson today. We introduced gloves, he seems to have a concept of a go-out and doesn't have any issues with it so far (knock on wood). Started working on sidepassing with Navarre in front position, and he was doing pretty good! That will be a great one for obedience and for his conditioning roster. Played around with introducing him to boxes, he seems to understand platforms much better at this point. Navarre likes obedience, and doesn't have any environmental sensitivities that would hold him back from doing it. Maybe we could even play around with rally when he's young - I think that's a great activity for a young dog and exposing them to competition.

And London did fantastic today! All of the sudden both him and Haku have turned a corner. PERFECT broad jump AND front today. He got a brand new squeaky ball for that. Then he nailed his retrieves, his flat retrieve was between the broad and the high jump there was probably ... 6-8 feet between to the two, never considered jumping either going or coming back. Yet the retrieve over high he deliberately sought out the jump! Superstar! His downfall with the retrieve is a funny habit of sightseeing. He runs out to get the dumbbell, picks it up ... and then takes a moment to check out the room, and THEN turns back. It's not helpful. But even with that unfortunate habit he was awesome. Then guess who not only had no issues with the drop on recall, but then did a perfect straight recall with no hesitation what so ever! Where did THAT come from?

London is feeling READY. And I may be feeling hormonal as talking about it made me weepy today. We have very much enjoyed our obedience, and if he does just go out and do it in competition ... then what? I was feeling London's mortality today, and tonight I talked to a friend with a contemporary of his, who will be turning 12 in December, that has been having neurological issues. They didn't know if he was going to make it to 12. The 10-12 age range is kind of scary for that reason, it's not old, but it's very common for cancer to strike at that point. My theory is if you can get them to 13, then it's smooth sailing through old age. That, uh, may not actually be true. Love my London, and he was one happy boy with his squeaky ball today - so easily amused. And certainly doesn't ACT old at all.

Always ready to party

Navarre really is not bigger than Bright ... but he's getting closer

Happy Briz

Doing the stafford thing



All the dogs are just waiting for Fall!

Classes and things

Navarre is growing up, and I'm continuing to figure out what works best with him. For instance, interesting solution to Navarre's circle work with a toy issue - just let him CARRY the toy, and his circle work is great - and he can't bite me. So that's amusing and he does well with food too. If you can get him in the rgiht mindset he's figuring it out. Also doing much better with his cone commitment and sends after working through a challenge at home where I put his raw food in a bowl on the ground, and his job is send out around a cone away from the food and then I will send him to the food after. That one took a bit of work, and he still often needs a bit of help. When did my puppy learn to love food so much?

I should take some video of some of his cute body awareness tricks, nothing is perfect, but he's trying really hard. Though weirdly he still hasn't really figured out the 'back up' - which is something I use all the time, uh, mostly for picture taking. I think it's my fault though, as I have been using it to train a kickback stand, so he takes one step back and gets rewarded. I have tried using his foot target to help him get the concept of a further 'back', but so far he just gets goofy and barky.

Today we introduced shaping picking up a dumbbell by the middle, which he was figuring it out. He also had puppy class today, and we introduced playing on the end of the teeter - he had no issues with that and thought it was great fun. He can also work distracted sit-stays with other dogs working at the same time ... as long as we're working. As soon as we stopped he started carrying on about the other dogs working. However, big moment, he can down when the vacuum is out - and his reward for that is gets to go chase the vacuum, so he thinks that's pretty awesome.

Class is a really fun group of folks, the dogs are all super fun and everyone does their homework. It's going to be one adorable group of puppies growing up together. Navarre's favorite continues to be Hubble the Briard, and that's not even because I really wanted Navarre and Hubble to be friends, they're a good match. Navarre would have preferred to have more obstacles to dart around, but he enjoyed a fun romp with Hubble after class today:

I did sign up for a european puppy class - see if there is something new out there, and everything in europe is just better, right? It's with Martina Klimesova in the Czech Republic, aka, "Kiki's owner". She's always fun to watch and I'm always on the look out to see how other people do foundation and puppy stuff. I have enjoyed auditing Emily Hurt's 'Super Puppy' class, it was very helpful to have lots of great ideas to work on with Navarre. The Justine/Jessica Puppy Diaries has been mostly about agility behaviors, which is fine, but obviously not my focus at the moment. Will be fun to have the videos when Navarre is older. I am actually going to a Justine seminar in September, and theoretically Navarre may be able to play around with some of the sklls stuff at the seminar - we'll see.

Judy brought some of her crew out to play today, and Navarre didn't have any issues. The big moment of the day was when I saw London obsessing over by the nursery fence, he was fixated at something on the other side of the fence under some trees. Toys roll through the fence all the time, and since London seemed so insistent on retrieving whatever was under there, I sent Eva over there to go get it for him (as fences are no barriers to a stafford, she's the resident rescuer of lost toys). She went through the fence, under the tree, stopped, then just came out and walked away. Which was very unusual, Eva is usually just as obsessive as London when it comes to toys being left behind. So I sent her again and told her to bring it. And she came over, looked through the fence, looked back at me, I encouraged her again and she dives through the fence and then immediately pops back out with a HUGE possum she squeezes through the fence wires - she immediately spit it out and just walked away, obviously not impressed with my requests to retrieve a possum. So, uh, yeah, I'm calling all the dogs away and put them on a stay - go back and, yep, possum was just playing dead, it had gone back under the tree. Poor guy, didn't mean to disturb him. London apparently still knows how to barn hunt, and Eva continues to have no prey drive whatsoever.


A varied family

Bindi looking lady-like

Navarre looking huge

Brave puppy

After is ear excitement the other day, we had VERY limp ears - and so many missing teeth!


A classic Puma pose

4 months!

Navarre is officially 4 months old now, so being 22 lbs doesn't sound quite as shocking. Though I took a look back at Haku I had officially measured him at 17.5 inches at the same age. I didn't have many weights for Haku as a puppy though. London's puppy journals aren't even on LJ, that was way back when I had my own site, I started my dog journal in 2001, I believe. It was fun to read through some of Haku's old stuff, and Bright's too (I had no height/weight records for her at this age). You can definitely tell this is a favorite age of mine, when puppies are starting to problem solve and there is so much fun stuff to work on and everything they do is fabulous and amazing and new with limitless potential. I do love the beginnings of things. Was funny to read about how uncoordinated Haku was and how he could barely run, I tend to remember him as such an agile puppy - but memory is a tricky thing. I'm really glad I have my journals to look back on, though it was a bit like dejavu, the same thoughts I expressed with both Bright and Haku, though of course at the time I'm sure they seemed unique.

I read that Haku was 'pretty much housebroken' by this age, while Bright, who I don't remember EVER peeing in the house, was apparently still peeing in the house sometimes. How the mind forgets. I don't remember the last time Navarre did anything in the house - and I'm not saying he wouldn't, but his last accident was so long ago that I don't think he's had one since he was 2 months old. I never really stressed about Navarre and housebreaking, as I knew he would figure it out eventually, they all do - and apparently not thinking about it all is the way to go, as I didn't even notice he was housebroken. He will whine when he needs to go out, it's pretty obvious. He does it in other places too. I don't think I noticed because he needs a lot of supervision in the house, so I'm pretty on top of him anyway.

Navarre had a field trip to the Rose Garden today, his first trip to 'Portland', his first walk around a neighborhood. I'd have to say he actually found it boring more than anything else. Completely unconcerned about the people or anything else, he just seemed to say he thought the lack of action was stupid. There were a fair amount of people at the Rose Garden, tour groups and such. They were mostly old and also seemed incredibly bored. Not a lot of dog lovers, so Navarre just ignored them too. We had fun offending them by jumping into the fountains and playing around. Visited a playground as well, Navarre would have loved to go play with the kids - he continues to love seeing them, though I won't let him approach unless the parents want their kids to say hello - which today they didn't. So a really good experience and comforting to see that though we haven't done a ton of city stuff, Navarre just takes everything in stride. Though he got real bored with posing real quick.

Also had our lesson with Bobbie, where Navarre joins my other dogs - he loves PLAYING on the treadmill, but hates actually just walking on it. As I like the treadmill stuff for the tricks and not the walking, that works out for me, but we'll try it again, we seemed to have found a configuration between Bobbie and me that he seemed more comfortable with they make work better in the future. In the meantime, he's happy to play around with different games on the treadmill, and that's my biggest goal for him. In general he finds the conditoning stuff really fun, and is quite confident on the equipment trying new things. Bobbie also was not worried about his flailing feet on his sit up as long as his back is straight, so we'll work on that his paws will come down in their own time - or not, apparently it's fine for him to use them as much as he needs. Oh, and Navarre sucks at waiting his turn and, shockingly, barks obnoxiously if you put him in a crate. Oh well. And Bright is just so happy to do ANYTHING at this point, she was extra happy today, and did some fun tricks on the treadmill. Amuses me greatly how brave she is with the treadmill, just doesn't bother her ... well unless you try to get her to just WALK on it.

And Navarre is getting up on his own onto the paw pods! And offering lifting individual back legs! Smart puppy is smart.

Pose, puppy, pose!

Ever since working with Denise Navarre has been all about hanging out here ALL THE TIME

Roses are pretty enough, but I don't really understand the fascination

Navarre, while solid in almost every way, has a weakness - he's freaked out by pipes. Exhaust pipes, drainage pipes, etc - this pipe was thoroughly barked at

City dog

Hello, hazy Portland!

Navarre really was not into posing today - this was his own choice here

Cute puppy is still cute though!


Got to see Star today and she was back to herself, made me so happy to see that. It was actually rather amusing, I had never seen Star in her home environment, she's much sweeter and cuddlier at home - she's always so busy in other environments. And you'd think that having been raised by three shelties they would have figured out how to best co-exist with one another. But basically Star is Star, and the shelties just have to adapt. Talk about a comedy of different personalities, was really funny to see them all together.

God I love that dog though,there will never be another Star, she is personality plus. I so want her to be happy and healthy. Now we play the waiting game and see what happens. Really happy to see her so normal today though, really scary to see her so out of it yesterday.

Best red girlie

Navarre ended up having a more adventurous weekend than I had planned, as I had him with me at the emergency clinic with Star. He really did remarkably well about the whole thing, as we were just hanging out and obviously not focused on him. Such a good boy, he settled in and just relaxed in the waiting area and in the exam rooms. He's already a good citizen, he just has such a good energy about him, he takes everything in stride.

We even ended up working with Denise on Sunday as well, and Navarre is just so comfortable and easy. He would happily and easily switch from working with me to working with Denise and no issues with the everyone watching. He thought it was great fun and was trying really hard. Denise was less than impressed with his 'walking on my feet' trick as she wanted him to come inbetween legs and NOT put his feet up there. It was cute how hard he tried to get his paws on those feet! We worked different methods of front training (a lot of which involved puppy coming through your legs!) and heeling. Such a good boy, I think he's going to like obedience, he just loves the one-on-one attention and doesn't have that need for everything to be 'action' to be fun, he's quite content with the quiet nature of obedience so far.

A lot to process from the Denise seminar, but my mind has been elsewhere. I took lots of notes so I'm sure I will eventually write more about it. My question for Denise with Navarre was basically that I had never taught 'obedience' intentionally. I've taught behaviors that are helpful for agility, and they have transferred to obedience, but I've never actually set out to 'train obedience'. Denise pretty much introduces most exercises as puppies though, she sees no need to wait. But then, obedience is her THING, while agilty is mine.

Mostly I was just super impressed with how Navarre just adapted over the weekend, by the time we were packing up I was totally cool with leaving Navarre in his soft crate while I took everything out to the car - and he was totally chill. It took no time at all before Navarre just accepted that 'this is where we live now', and was so relaxed about the whole situation. He could relax on my lap and watch for pretty long stretches of time, he was dead to world sleeping in his kennel, and happy to play throughout the building. Got to meet lots of new dogs, and while he was a little shy on meeting, it usually didn't take long before he was play bowing and barking. I'll have to say, I'm not torn up that Navarre is not that much into other dogs, I love his people focused personality and was sweet to everyone and would cuddle with anyone that gave him a chance.

Back at home we achieved baby rear leg lifts, he's starting to get the idea. Today we had our first success with four paw pods on their own. I wised up after struggling with Haku and London and them hiking and smacking the paw pods across the floor. Navarre I introduced to the pods by putting them into a low box where they were wedged in and didn't move. Didn't take long for Navarre get the idea that he was getting into a box with paw pods, but I thought it would take longer for him to transfer the behavior once I took them outside of the box - but didn't take him long at all. He's also really starting to figure out name releases, as he now doesn't getting released first for dinner, he has to wait while a couple dogs are released and get their dinner. Now that is HARD for him, but he's doing it.

Lots of bloody toys and chewies, teeth are coming out. Navarre is getting ever so close to 4 months old, and so big! Surprisingly, we had prick ears today, I hadn't expected to see anything happen with his ears for a couple weeks yet. It was funny, he had lots of nicknames from his funny ears at the seminar, "Gollum" and "Yoda" - he really has had some goofy looks lately. The jury is still out on the ears, but my guess is leaning towards prick again. He's also starting to get a little fringe in the hair department, I'm hopeful he won't have excessive coat - I'm assuming he'll be pretty moderate. My guess is somewhere between London and Haku hair.

Navarre does have some new hobbies, now that he's tall enough he thinks toilets are great fun to play in. I had already had to hide all the toilet paper, now I'll have to remember to the put the seat down. I also caught Navarre tossing around yet another dead animal in the yard this week. I'm pretty sure he's not killing them, so I have no idea how they're getting into our yard. His latest find was a ittle mouse, once again, peek out the window and see him tossing around ... something in the yard. And, yep, he loves to pounce on dead things.

Ears! And finally experimenting with a butt-high phase

Less ears

More ears!

Everyone loves to race Haku - no one can beat him though

Happy dork!

I wanted to do a border collie comparison shot - but this isn't helpful because of the rampant slouching

This was not my idea, while I was trying to take a picture of the border collies everyone kept wanting to barge in - so I let them. I find it funny how at both ends it looks the dogs are trying to lean away from one another

A sad day

Very sad today, Star had a seizure while they were at the CPE trial. I was just around the corner from the emergency vet so I was able to meet Mary there when she brought her in. No signs of toxins, but I am still concerned as even three hours after the seizure Star was totally out of it. My heart hurts for both Star and Mary, so very scary to witness today and more scary to wonder what will happen in the future. Right now I just want Star to get back to being Star, so hard to see her like that. I just want to fix it and make it better for both of them, I wish I knew how. Love that little girl, and Mary of all people should never have to deal with this sort of thing. Send good thoughts to Star, I want to see her being her crazy little self again.

Star has always been special

Denise Seminar

How much can you be annoyed with a dog that you spend a bunch of money to go to a seminar and then the dog just does everything so there is nothing to work on? To be fair, we didn't have space to look at directed jumping. Not that Haku was perfect, but the issues that we have been having he just wasn't showing. So it's encouraging to see him take these behaviors on the road in a new environment and do so well, but really made me wish I had worked with London or Navarre!

Super happy with Haku's articles, he was just about perfect other than actually stopping a short on his pivot multiple times - which he has never done before, and actually usually has the opposite issue. So that was ... unexpected that he was so clear headed and thoughtful through the exercise. And my thought is that Haku is just too relaxed and goofy at his weekly lesson - and he recognized this as 'serious work time'. We WERE able to get a non-response on his first signal attempt when he was distracted by Denise. But then he was perfect - and no anticipating or scooting or any of the other stuff we've been battling through lately. Serious working Navarre made an appearance once again. We also worked on our heeling, which, yeah, has been neglected lately - but wasn't nearly as bad as it's been at class.

Six year old Haku is pretty freakin amazing, I just have to say. Even when we are having issues about anything these days, he just takes everything in stride. No worrying, no stressing, no freaking out - he's so MATURE. Haku still doesn't learn in a linear fashion, but when I think back to young Haku and all the ANGST, seeing him now makes me so proud of him. Have I mentioned how much I love that boy? I loved him as a puppy, and I love just being with mature Haku - it's so comfortable. I've never had a relationship with a dog like I do with Haku, and it has nothing to do with training - as we sort of suck at that, but he's just always there for me.

Denise was talking about how we do dog shows for us, and that our dogs would prefer to just stay home and train with treats and toys - and Haku has always blown that theory out of the water. Haku would far prefer to go to a dog show than train. And that has nothing to do with me as a trainer, that's him as a dog. I doubt I'll ever have another dog like Haku again, he's definitely unique. However, we shall see what Haku thinks of competing in Utility. There was a lot of talk at the seminar about how a lot of dogs fall apart in utility because there is so many independent behaviors where the dog can be 'wrong' - and that can be very stressful for dogs that worry about that. And Haku most definitely has always worried about being wrong, so we shall see what he thinks of competing in utility. Maybe it won't be his idea of a good time, in which case we won't do it - no need. I think he'll like it eventually though. Now, admittedly group stays I never want Haku to have to do again, but those are just stupid.

Anyway, lots of good information from the seminar, as always. Today I was feeling particularly struck by the unique and varied personalities of the dogs, and how they all approached obedience and training differently. That's certainly one of the reasons I enjoy Denise is that she can approach every personality type in a different way, and that's fascinating to watch. It also amuses me greatly that every time I see Denise she's more and more relaxed about training to the point there was so much "Yeah, I don't care about that, just ignore it and it will probably go away" that I found it funny. It's true though, so many trainers are such micromanagers - and that's not the right approach for a vast majority of dogs. Denise is always about letting the dog engage, training the dog you have, and letting the dog work at their own pace - I love to see that.

Lots to take away for Navarre, just in basic stuff like habituation - basically letting the dog check everything out and waiting for the dog to initiate, rather than trying to keep your dog's focus constantly. Navarre can be very outwardly focused, and sometimes I do feel pressure to 'be more exciting' to bring him in. But he's not ready for that, and it's not helpful. If he wants to go off and sniff and explore, then he can - and he SHOULD, he's a puppy, he needs to investigate his environment.

It was all rather timely as Navarre seemed to get up this morning in a bit of a fear stage. Going out to the car this morning he started alarm barking at our shadows moving across the lawn, and he had several other alarms throughout the day. A tarp blowing in the wind and a particular malinois got his alarm treatment. Even tonight, he noticed his reflection of himself in the window when he was sitting on the couch and there was much suspicious woofing and then pouncing on the window. Definitely feeling more sensitive today, and unfortunately almost everything he barked at I was unable to approach to show him what it was. The tarp was behind a fence, I'm not going to let him bark at another dog and I can't show him shadows or explain to him what reflections are. Yet things that even HAKU was suspicious of inside the building, Navarre could care less. So the big stuffed dog he just walked right up and started chewing on it, the realistic baby in a stroller he jumped right up and tried to eat it's hair. He was totally cool with everything in the building itself, and happy interacted with everything, including going into a bunch of new crates. Uh, Navarre may not actually be crate trained in the sense that I still haven't taught him to go into a crate on his own. I mean, I've introduced it, I just never actually ask for it. But the only time he's in a crate is when he's in the car, and I'm picking him up to get him in, or at night, when I don't want to argue about how he still wants to party, so I just pick him up and put him in. Anyway, Navarre got more crate training today than he's had in his whole life. Which isn't much.

Wasn't sure I was going to bring Navarre, actually - as I didn't know if he was going to be able to be inside at all without causing a commotion (obedience people are not big on commotion, as a whole) - and it was supposed to be pretty hot, so I wasn't sure about leaving him in the car way far from the building. As it turned out, the day turned out to be like to apocolypse with the smoke from the fires turning the air to smoke, so I really did want puppy inside. So lots of great experiences for Navarre, his first time hanging out in a crate in a busy building - and a SOFT crate at that.

Also had first blood today, gave puppy a bully stick in his crate and he was just so upset about it. I looked in and he had some blood on his fur - teething has officially begun. Navarre really WANTED to chew on that bully stick, but it was too hard, so he was rolling around, throwing it around, whining and carrying on - he even brought me the bully stick like, "Make this softer!" He would play gently with his soft frisbee, but he's definitely feeling mouth sensitive at the moment.

Anyway, Navarre did eventually settle down and sleep in his crate in the building, and got to meet lots of nice people and see new dogs - a good experience all around. And we continue to mark things off our list for being a Good Citizen. Navarre has such a solid temperment that I really want to be able to take him anywhere and have those manners, and so far he's doing fantastic. And right now, this is the perfect focus for us. It's so cute that he can just chill out on my lap and watch everything - he's so relaxed being handled and loves to snuggle. That good energy that I felt from him as a tiny larval puppy continues to this day. Back to the seminar tomorrow, just with the puppy for more exposure.

17 weeks old today - and continues to sport the most ridiculous looking ears

Looking back at the other dogs, 17 weeks is prime teething time for ears - but by around 19-20 weeks they start looking more like ears again

Size comparison - is Navarre that much bigger than Haku was at this age?

This picture doesn't really do the smoke justice, but it was certainly scary out today

A day of terriers

Navarre had TWO playdates today with jack russels. He got some Mabel time, where they did very little wrestling and it mostly just Navarre trying desperately to keep up with Mabel (and not succeeding):

Then later on we went over to Anne's to give Navarre some one-on-one time with Skeeter - who is supposed to be a puppy lover. She was not impressed with Navarre. And got even less impressed when he just barked at her when she wouldn't play. That's okay, Navarre and Bender had a WONDERFUL time together. Well, Navarre did, anyway. All my dogs love Bender, and Navarre is no exception.

Let's pretend they were playing

There was howling

Border collies stick together

Ever handsome Bender

Feeling cocky

Bender giving a little leg hug ... to help his leverage to get the toy

We won't talk about how Navarre looks almost as big as Bender - did I mention he's not even 4 months old yet?

Always tiny!

Puppy vs Mt Hood

Took puppy on a fun hike up to Ramona Falls today with Key and Fred. He was such a good puppy! No issues at all, he's such a good little hiker. And we had plenty of opportunity to reward recalls and waiting while passing other hikers today, I don't think he molested any other hikers, which was my worry. He was brave but sensible for the most part, and even went swimming. He is becoming quite the expert poser - the most fun way to proof your stays. Helped that I brought steak to make sure it was all worth his while. Perfect day, overcast on the way up, and a lovely breeze on the way down. The falls were gorgeous, the dogs had a great time (well, at least Key and Navarre did, Fred may have preferred different company), and fun to hang out with Tammy and Vandy. Good times.

I was surprised Navarre had any energy at all for obedience tonight, but he got to show off his baby obedience and had a great time. And barked at some sheep when they ran away from him. Navarre certainly is not one to ignore sheep, that's for sure. Now whether he'll actually herd sheep and not just chase them around barking - we shall see when the time comes.

Need to decide on what behaviors he should be working on next, at dinner tonight I was drawing a blank. Certainly the behaviors he's been introduced to need work, but for the most part he just needs to grow up before moving to the next level with most of them. He popped right up into his handstand tonight against the chair, superstar. I need to go see if we have a 4x4 around here anywhere, that was his homework from Bobbie and would be a nice progression at this point. May be time to introduce lifting individual rear legs or side legs. He's been introduced to almost all the behaviors on my puppy body awareness list though!  Paw pods would also be good to work on too ...

In other news, Haku had some really nice work at obedience. Because of how the skin fell off with his pad injury, he has these flaps around the area that I think can catch and tear, which is why he can still be a little weird with the paw. Great strides with directed jumping today, like he actually understood the exercise - the WHOLE exercise. I didn't quite know what to do with a dog that actually followed my signals and seems to understand what a go-out is. In fact, the weirdness he had today was completely new, which was attempting to go over the jump on his go-out. Apparently it's a normal phase, and he figured it out. But, yeah, my whole plan was to work this exercise with Denise - but maybe he's actually on track. Unlike his articles, where we did 5 repetitions, of which he only got one right the first time. He's really good at finding it the SECOND time. So, practice, we should do some. Along with some heeling, he's been forging and anticipating like nobody's business. Still, signals looked great, moving stand looks great, didn't look at gloves because they've been so solid. I felt like we were on the right track.

I signed up Haku and London for a fun match next weekend, so that should give me a lot of good information on where we're at and what we really need to work on with both boys. London tends to do better in 'real' situations, while Haku tends to get goofier.Neither boy is quite there yet, but getting closer. We've got two months to work out the kinks, so time to start putting things together and taking it on the road. Fun stuff.

I did make some decisions about upcoming events in the next few months, in addition to the two obedience trials, there is quite a bit of agility for Bright. We're doing some AKC, some UKI, and a Justine Davenport seminar too - where puppy may get to do .... something. We shall see, he'll be about 4.5 months old at that point, and roughly the size of barn, I'm sure. But the plan is to bring Navarre on two road trips, including down to Central Point for Halloween, where all the puppies go. And maybe next year he can go down there and actually do agility. It's crazy to think, puppies grow up so fast. Being a big boy, I don't know when Navarre will be doing much of anything though, but we will just enjoy the ride until he's physically and mentally ready.

Dramatic pair

River crossing

Fred put up with a lot of puppy antics

Mr. Long Tail

Ramona Falls

Tiny river behind Navarre (who was really rocking some odd ears today)

Intrepid Key

Forest puppy

Awesome puppy!

Puppies and kittens and things

So the true marker of a grown up puppy, the SparklePuppies are learning to weave! Hard to believe they're going to be 15 months old next month.

Weaving Creed!

And DareDevil is almost there too!

Love the Bright babies, though I see them now and it's hard to remember the little balls of fluff they were when they were here. I get to see Star, who has changed so dramatically as she's grown, I would love to meet the others someday (and hopefully will!). I ALMOST got to see DareDevil when I was in California, but it was like two ships passing in the night, didn't quite make it work. Someday. In the meantime, so fun to see them grown up and looking so good in agility! They all seem to very much enjoy it, I don't think the puppies have been easy like Bright, but they sure do sound fun.

Then there is my gigantic puppy, who is still quite a puppy. It is helpful to have Dove in Navarre's class, and see that they tend to struggle with the same stuff. Focus is not their strongpoint at the moment, they both very much have baby brain. And, OMG, SO WHINY. Especially when you get them together it's like an obnoxious chorus of whining. And I can't say what they WANT other than possibly to just run amuck and cause chaos.

Though interesting moment in class today when Navarre would rather search for dropped food then play with a toy - we've been focusing so much on getting the food drive up, I think we succeeded! So food is now more exciting than 'dead' toys. We have mostly been playing with frisbees and not as much tugging. Something to consider, but he's also going to start teething soon, I don't necessarily want to start a tuggingfest at this point. I guess I have total faith that a border collie will end up loving to tug in the end, so I'm not too worried about it. Certainly Navarre works better for food than with toys at this point - which is when I end up getting bitten and tripped.

Navarre is really coming along with backing up onto a vertical surface into a handstand, at least on easy to climb surfaces. Also introduced him to the peanut today - he thought that was awesome. And I think we have our left wave back after breaknig it with his sit-up - which looks SUPER CUTE, and he's offering it more and gettng better at it. He'll be an expert in no time. He had been doing really well with sending around objects, but we did that at class today and he didn't seem to get it, then it was broken at home too. Yet he was all into multiwraps tonight. Puppies are a mystery.

Oh, and the big news is that Navarre can now jump into my lap. Which he could probably do for a while, but it had just never occurred to him. I'm sure that will be really cute when he's 50 lbs. Knock on wood, Navarre seems like a pretty comfortable jumper at this point, I haven't seen anything weird. I'm a little paranoid about things like that ...

Fenwick jumped over the babygate today, he must be feeling pretty good - but he did throw up. Old dogs make me worry. And I MAY have saw Haku limp today, or maybe I was being paranoid. But it was another ridiculously hot day, so I just gave everyone yet another rest day. They really didn't appreciate it. I MAY even give Haku a bath tomorrow so he can not look like a drowned rat at the obedience seminar - which he REALLY won't appreciate. But we'll see how ambitious I'm feeling.

Haven't talked much about the cats lately, still don't know about Dragon. He's finishing up his last prescription of prozac, probably in another week or so. It's been three months on meds and like 4 months since he was neutered. And he's been MOSTLY better. He peed on the leather chair when the puppy came home, and I respect that - it's a huge disruption and change, and puppy chased the cats a few times, and he was loud and, well, I get that I introduced stress into Dragon's life. However, since then, there has been nothing and Dragon turned a year old this month. I've talked with his breeder and we're just hoping that he's growing up and putting all that behind him. But I don't know, we shall see. I do love that boy, he's my lap kitty and him and Fizban are such good friends - he's been wonderful except that one rather big issue. And if he does continue to have an issue, he can't stay - I'm not living in a house of cat urine. But from the start this has been such an infrequent and random thing, I really can't say what he might do. Once the prozac is gone, time will tell.

As for the other cats, Dio and Isis will be 5 in October - and they have come a long way. Well, mostly Dio, who is still SUPER WEIRD, but he's also really become affectionate and sweet. He has the most charming way of lightly bopping me on the nose with his paw when he wants to be petted. He's my bedtime pal, we snuggle every night and every morning. During the day he's still pretty much in a stoned coma, but we have our moments. And Isis is still very sweet and SUCH a girl. She's not overly fond of the maine coons, but she's also way faster and more agile than them, so they can't harass her too much. Girl cats, they are just so uptight. Fizban and Dragon play quite a bit, and it can shake the whole house as they throw themselves off and on cat towers and race around. They really do well together, and Isis and Dio, well, they're experts at staring into space and chasing moths. Was never my intention to have four cats again, but I still maintain that the SS kittens aren't actually cats. They are cute and sweet and soft and their fur never needs brushing. Which the maine coons can most definitely NOT say.

Finally, chickens are doing well - Wubba (the black and white Parker baby) has been broody for WEEKS. And I kick her out all the time, but she's dedicated. Maybe I'll let her raise some chicks next year if she shows this level of serious momhood. The girls, we just have five, continue to do well together. I let them out less because they always go over to the nursery next door, which I'm sure they don't appreciate. They love all the blackberries and have a great time on the property - they are good chickens.

Dragon finally grew back his whiskers!

Fizban always looks good

The tiniest Isis - seriously, she's like 5 pounds


Navarre says he's a kitty


Fenwick continues to make me worry that there might be something going on with him, but physically he seemed sound out and about tonight, no issues with the front right. He was running around, barking and jumping like normal - but in the house he seems slow, like when I let the dogs out to potty he takes about three times as long as normal to get there. Quieter in general, but the whole deafness thing has worked out well for him, he simply sleeps through any commotion these days. Still concerned about him, but nothing is blatently off that I can point to.

Meanwhile, Brisbee is LOVING his new all raw diet. Either that or it's just not as filling so he's SUPER HUNGRY. He's bouncing around like he's on crack when I'm getting their dinner ready.

Knock on wood, Haku continues sound and his pad looks really good - he's ready for action at the Denise Fenzi seminar this weekend. We'll be asking about directed jumping, naturally.

Yes, Bright is going grey - I find it cute

London is going to be 12 soon - isn't that crazy?

Up near 100 degrees again today, more late evening walks for everyone. Will this summer never end?

And this was Navarre's earset today, he's just been mixing it up lately. And looking SO BIG. He was sprawled out napping on the couch today and he took up the ENTIRE COUCH. And he's three months old. Living large.

Frisbee lover

Love his smile

Soon he will be an expert poser!

Looking more like a real dog every day!

Taking a break

Today doggies got to just hang out, because sad limping Fenwick freaked me out and I wanted no more broken dogs. The good news is that Fenwick seems pretty much solid today, though he does seem a little off personality-wise, very quiet and kind of stoned. Of course, he did have both metacam and tramadol yesterday, and he's been drug free for years, maybe it was a lot for him. Just don't want any more limping doggies.

Poor Bright, she is going a bit stir crazy lately. We've been MOSTLY off agility for the last month, other than the 1.5 UKI trials. She's just used to doing a little here, a little there throughout the week - but between classes being on break, her being on break and new puppy - suddenly Bright isn't getting all the play time she's used to. Interesting to note that both her Haku kind of become dicks when they don't get their mental stimulation. They get obsessive and snappy in a way that I don't see otherwise. Both Bright and Haku are ready to get back to work. Bright is still on agility break for a bit, but we need to get back into her conditioning routine. Haku has obedience to train, and 100 degree temps to do it in. Bah, this summer sucks balls.

Meanwhile, puppy is doing fantastic, because he's still in that puppy phase where everything is about him. This sort of thing eventually evens out, but, yeah new babies get all the attention, just like in Lady and Tramp. He CAN sort of be loose in the house, but not really, he's a menace. I was at the computer the other night and I turned around and he had pulled up and turned over the big area rug, and then the table cloth from the dining room was strewn across the floor as well - and I hadn't heard a thing. I'm also worried he's an 'eater', in that he doesn't just chew things, he chews them with deliberate intent to get pieces off and eat them. Like he found a washcloth today and I let him play with it, and I saw him chewing on it, and then I saw him chew off a piece and eat it. Which maybe for some dogs is normal, but my dogs don't EAT inedible things they chew up, they just chew them up and leave their destruction behind.

Navarre is about 17 inches, him and Brisbee are about the same height - and he has no problems jumping up to see what's on the counters, so that's a project now that he's discovered UP. Today he really thought that Bruce should share his dinner with him - he just doesn't have manners yet, and he's discovering new ways to cause trouble every day. Puppy is becoming a great problem solver though, today Navarre backed up onto a vertical surface! Love working with him, he has no worries or sensitivities, he can get frustrated and bark at me, but this boy loves to work - so much fun!


So this is too funny, this is Journey from Luna's previous litter, which was with Kelvin's father Chancho - so like a 3/4 sib:

It's like looking into the future - grown up Navarre! And a mere 23 inches and 48 pounds ... Uh, I can only hope Navarre decides to be a little smaller. A lot of hair on that boy too, I wonder how fluffy Navarre will end up? Ah, the fun of puppies.

Well, puppies are fun until they bite you - got another chunk taken out of me today - Navarre likes going for the upper arm. The good news is when I cried out he was so sorry - he really does notice his actions these days. We were playing around with circle work with a toy, which is when things fall apart. He does really well with food, not so much with toys. But we did manage some circle work with a tunnel around, so he's starting to get the idea that the goal is not always to just go find the tunnel. He does like his tunnel though! He very much like his send and go tunnel game, sending him around a jump standard and then through a straight tunnel to a roller frisbee - OMG, his favorite. Pretty much the roller frisbees are his favorite toy at the moment, and I like them because he can chase and run them down but there is no impact like there can be with a ball or a toy that is stationary where they pounce. Still not a huge tugger, he likes tugging, but he's not ... aggressive about it. We haven't played much with balls at this point.

Making progress with more complex behaviors by leaps and bounds. He can now go from a sit to backing up onto the fitbone and continuing to back across it until he's at a comfortable stand. And can go from a sit to stand on the fitbone, and if I ask he will adjust his rear feet back to more natural position. And he can wave on the fitbone too! We have taken some time off from sitting up, but I expect that will come back stronger too. Really enjoys circling around me and weaving through my legs. Can have some difficulty getting him to recall to heel on my right side since I taught the right finish for obedience. With me sitting on the ground he can send to a blind entrance of a tunnel and around a cone from probably 15 feet away. And, yeah, I'm just calling it 'check', I never could decide on a better cue, and check is fine, I suppose.

Other things have magically happened like he stays out of the chicken coop when I ask him and when I tell him to be careful when he tries to bite the wheels of the handtruck I use to bring out the chicken water he actually listens and backs off. He very much enjoyed helping me wash the dog patio today, he just planted himself between my legs and would periodically take a bite at the water spray, but mostly just supervised and moved when I moved, just staying right there between my feet. He did have to be ejected later on after it dried and I got out the broom though. He really is just such a good boy, and so sweet - very much enjoying 16 week old Navarre.

Did have a fairly alarming day of limping, we were out and about this morning and everyone was doing just fine - including Haku as his pad is healing nicely. There was much running about and then doggies took a break for a while. Bruce came home later and just Brisbee and Fenwick were inside, and they woke up and were BOTH limping - WTF? Fenwick was non-weight baring on his front right. Manipulating him he seemed find extending to the front and to the side, and no problems with his toes, but seemed sad when I flexed his wrist. Hoping that the older boys just needed to walk it out, I checked them again a couple hours later and Brisbee was fine (whew!), but Fenwick still limping - so sad! The good news is that he is better tonight, and it certainly hasn't dampened his spirits at all. Drugs for him and hopefully he'll be better soon. My GUESS is that he hurt himself jumping off the counter, he gets up there all the damn time. I guess he won't be doing that three legged, so there's a positive in this situation. Any sort of major change with a dog of Fenwick's age freaks me the hell out there, especially when there was no incident that I saw - so I want him to be better soon.