brisbeethewhite (brisbeethewhite) wrote,

New USDAA jump heights

Sort of amusing are the new USDAA jump heights, just because you wouldn't think they could really go wrong with this.  I mean, short of making everyone jump HIGHER I thought this announcement could only be good for USDAA.  I really underestimated how unnecessarily complicated USDAA can make things.

I swear, just change the god damn height cut-offs to be more user friendly - how hard is that?  If you have to make up new heights to do it, go for 10, 14, 18, 22, 26 - be innovative.  Instead they pretty much did absolutely nothing but make the jumps heights INCREDIBLY complicated and confusing and SO MANY.  Then they're just going to combine the heights back together for scoring - WTF?  Seriously, did they even run this by anyone at all?

So, yeah, still no mini dog jump height, didn't change the 26 inch cut-off, still no midi-height - because while they did make a minuscule 18 inch class (spread across a whopping 1.5 inches), they're just combining the scores with the 22 inch dogs anyway.  So a 16 inch dog is STILL competing against a 20.5 border collie - and then they didn't even bother to mirror the program in Performance, like they're not even worth the effort.  So the 16 inch dog is still competing against 21 inch border collies, but now at the same height too.

I can't even tell who they we trying to 'help' with these changes.  So many equipment modifications and jump height changes now - which are then totally different in Performance.  So they now have 8, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 26 ... but not in every program.  Good lord.  i'm still just amazed,  I guess I really just thought they would adjust the heights to be spread more evenly across the height so it's more comfortable jump height for a larger amount of dogs.  That would be too easy, apparently.  Heck, then I heard the 18 inch jump height rumor and I thought it was a great idea, a chance to break up the giant clusterfuck that is the 22 inch class.  But no.

It sounds like this is a done deal, which is disappointing, I liked the direction USDAA was going in with more challenging courses, but I think this will be final nail in the coffin for USDAA in our area.  People just have no interest in jumping their dogs that high, they'd much rather play in venues that are more appropriate.  There are already so few USDAA trials left around here, and this change does NOTHING to bring in new people.  It's a pity, I had hopes that this announcement might help bring USDAA back.

Oh yeah, and at the same time they decided, "You know what agility needs?  MORE TABLES!  Am I right?  Let's not only keep the table, let's put it in ALL THE CLASSES.  Hell yeah!"

I'm just so excited to get Bright started in USDAA now
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