Hiking in the Rain

I was a bit worried about hiking today, what with the crazy amounts of rain we've had. But I figured a logging road is probably pretty good with drainage, and the weather didn't sound too bad. I actually like hiking in the rain, as long as it's happy Oregon rain, and not freezing cold sideways rain.

It all worked out and we had a wonderful hike - with a bonus dog! We took Rico for the day as well - and he very much approved of hiking. So good for a big puppy like him to be using his body, and by the end he was off roading with the other dogs like he'd been doing it his whole life. That boy just has a good head on his shoulders, he was adventurous but not stupid, and stuck right with us, no issues. I swear, I do think he's about the easiest puppy ever - at least, so far.

In fact, he's such a good puppy, when I decided to see if I could teach him to stay to get some cute pictures of him in the forest (not easy to get pictures of erratically moving puppies in the forest in the rain!), he picked it up SO QUICKLY. And we worked up to this picture, where I was about 20 feet away. Now, as you can see on the faces of the other dogs, he took a few tries to get to that point - but so impressive! And so hilarious that after all that build up the other dogs ruined the picture by looking so put out about stopping mid-hike to train a puppy.

In other news, Bright is such a girl. Dove was over this morning and playing with the puppy, and Bright did NOT approve. And after that apparently Bright decided that Rico was actually an okay puppy, and she will now play with him. On her terms. When she's in the mood. And may stop at any moment. But it's really cute.

Such big ears you have!

So many sticks, so little time

Forest puppy!

Definitely not afraid of a little water

Dog approved

One good puppy

I'm sure glad you made up that story of the stay training because obviously you BEAT THOSE DOGS in the forest! That's the saddest forest romp pic I've ever seen!!!! Lol

Oh my god that picture is just fantastic. What tragic looking animals! That looks like an ad for an organization you can donate to to help feed starving forest creatures.
yes, where do I send the money to help those poor abandoned starving in the forest dogs?
Oh Bright, it is so hard being The Bitch. Glad she played a little bit. The others were having so much fun!

Happy forest dogs! And your guys have some work to do on their tortured posed dog faces, they actually look somewhat happy compared to my crew. ;-)
Well, even if Rico had a terrible time in the forest, he was exhausted!