Stalking: Then and Now

For Judi:

Mostly London appears to have grown a lot of tongue.
Geez- got hocks? Looks like he was born with his giant hocks :-) They are like as high as his elbows! Good thing they didn't keep growing at the rate his tongue did.
That and the coat... Oh my... He's NOWHERE near the same coloring. I kept wondering why puppy London didn't look that familiar to me... Now I can totally see why.
I didn't realize London had gotten so dark so fast. Looking at these 2 pictures, it looks like the tail got shorter so it could grow longer hair!

Thanks for putting the two together!
He sure is a handsome dude! Great blog by the way!
Merles darkening
People warned me that some merles get considerably darker as they get older. My Tika (non-BC) hasn't changed at all; Boost, who was a really beautiful mostly pale gray as a baby (I *like* the light gray!) looks darker every time I look at her. London, however, is a real poster-dog for that darkening thing. Weird how these things work.

Re: Merles darkening
I hadn't looked back recently at pictures of London at 1 and 2 years of age, he really has darkened quite a bit since then:

Boost seems lighter though, so hopefully she won't go as dark as Buns did. I know there are some merles that stay fairly light colored, London has some light merle relatives. Don't ask me how the genetics works though!
Re: Merles darkening
Wow, you've done a great photo job of documenting your dog! wish I'd been as thorough. *Next* time.

Wow, that's a lot of color change for a BC. I don't know why I didn't realize he'd changed so much...I've been seeing him all this time. It's somehow less shocking than the beardie puppy-dark, to teenage-white to adult-color thing, but dramatic nonetheless. Thanks for posting the comparison.