International League Continues ...

It was a very international league week, as I set up that particularly gnarly week two course that we crashed and burned on for classes this week. Let me say, that one did not get easier in a new location, there was a lot to work on with that course. Broke it down and worked the pieces, and I feel more confident about what with what we struggled with. Sometimes there is definitely a big difference between working skills and actually using them in 'real life'.

Bright was the big agility winner this week, she was surprisingly on it with both our revisit and at league tonight. Any issues were pretty much me, I have lost a lot of faith in our teamwork and it's putting me behind. It was nice to be able to confidently get through that evil course with her though:

Now, Navarre has just been kind of pill all week. In agility he's been surprisingly all over the place, and at home he's been kind of naughty and pouty. The other morning he got into the pantry while I was in the shower and ate a whole bag of peanut butter chips. He keeps disappearing around the side of the house when I let the dogs outside, I have no idea what he's doing back there. He rammed into Bindi in the field and made her cry, and then even after getting in trouble for that, he kept going in on her - which he doesn't normally do at all. In agility he was flying off the teeter, popping out weavepoles repeatedly, randomly taking things - just not stuff he normally does.

My theory is hormones, as he is also starting to really chatter on pee this week and other fun boy dog behaviors. But I'm hoping he's just having an off week. I suppose we haven't had the heart to heart about my policy on intact boys - which is you can keep them until they become a problem. I hope he doesn't have a problem.

Still, he did pretty good with league this week, which was a nice flowing course. Our first run I ran him like a baby, but our second run I try to push a little and, yeah, nope - still a baby! He needs to be babysat, he was pulling off and flying past and just couldn't handle it. But fun to try. Admittedly, Bright and Navarre get fricken HIGH at league, as they get crated inside with the other barking dogs and work themselves up into a fine frenzy. Really have enjoyed league, a couple weeks left.