Galentine's Day

Had fun getting together for a NWSICA 'Foods We Love' get together at Poodletopia over the weekend. There was some seriously good food - how could you go wrong? Well, unless someone brought something made with spam.

Three guesses who made the meringue cake vs the spam rolls

All the goodness together

Then we got to play with sheep - this is my sheep, Gretchen, who appears to have a death wish challenging Demi

Hi-Fi is a huge fan of sheep

Navarre thinks he may be close enough, but getting closer couldn't hurt - he got a crash course in learning to bite sheep. My sheep is a bitch.

Callen looked amazing - and he's just a baby!

That is one photogenic dog

When Dove is good, she is very good, and when she's bad, she has a mouth full of wool (but she ALWAYS looks fabulous!)

The Itty Bitty International Committee

Navarre for scale


Last romp of a beautiful Spring day - let 2017 officially begin (without any more ice, snow or sickness!). Suddenly, it's in the 50s!

Happy Valentine's Day!
How fun! (And I'll take a slice of that meringue cake if there's one going...)
Callan had a great day and I did too! Ate too much though :( but didn't eat dinner to compensate (a bit). It was fun having Callan on aggressive Gretchen - he learned something I think :)
How did that cake get served? And what exactly is a spam roll? So many questions.
Happy Valentine's day!
A spam roll = bread roll with the top cut open and excess bread removed but the circular crust retained. A mixture of Velveeta Cheese (yes the stuff that doesn't need to be refrigerated, wrapped in foil and comes in a box), and Spam that has been smashed and mixed with the cheese somehow and some other stuff I suppose and spooned into the empty center of your bread roll, the top put back on, wrapped in waxed paper and heated/cooked in the oven until the wax paper seals together and the Velveeta and spam melt and merge. It was a novelty for me too! Tasty in a 50's kind of way...
You cut straight down thru all 3 layers, then try to cut again to make a servable slice. And someone gets the tumbled parts (me!)
1 can low sodium Spam
1/2 large brick of Velveeta cheese
1 green pepper
1 large onion
1 small can tomato sauce
1/3 cup vegetable oil
12 hard rolls
Wax paper

Shred Spam, Velveeta, green pepper and onion. Combine with tomato sauce and vegetable oil. Cut off tops and hollow out rolls, fill with spam mixture, replace top and wrap each in wax paper. Cook at 300 degrees for 40 minutes or until insides are liquid.
I am always so envious of your food parties, and especially now that they include sheep work! Davy would like his cousins Navarre and Dove to know that flossing is important to do every now and then. ;-)