Teenage Angst

It may just be a coincidence, but Navarre's sudden hormonal surge seems to have correlated with Dove going into heat a couple weeks ago. I didn't think about it, but she was here right before she went into heat (like the next day or two, I believe), and then he was at Poodletopia while she was in heat, though they were not together, obviously. And then Heidi was here last night, and Navarre was all harassing Bright and being pervy and weird. And this is all new behavior for him, he's had zero intact boy issues up until a couple weeks ago.

Maybe it's not related, but the timeline does fit. It doesn't really matter why, because if he's going to be like this now, he's so getting neutered. It's like living with a moody teenage boy, and he obviously doesn't know what to do with himself. I'm not saying I'm going to do it right away, but if he's still being all obnoxiously girl crazy when he turns 2 in April, he'll be getting the snip.

I'll admit I have unfair expectations, as Haku was SO GOOD when he was intact. Other than the pee licking and absurd posturing at any other intact boy within 2 miles of him, Haku was such a good boy when he had balls. Have I mentioned that Haku is perfect lately? Because he is.

The nice part is that because Navarre has shown zero signs of intact boy behavior to this point, he's already grown and at the age where I won't feel bad about neutering affecting his growth. So, yeah, perfect timing if he does want to suddenly turn all angsty boy dog. Go ahead, Navarre, test me.

In other Navarre related news, I was so annoyed with him a couple weeks ago that I took him into the last 15 minutes of Haku's obedience class. He's always thought obedience was pretty stupid, so we were just going to work on doing boring obedience things. Naturally, he thought that was SUPER FUN. So that was unexpected. So I brought him in this week again for a little bit, and it was actually really fun to go back to those exercises we haven't worked since he was a puppy. He did really well, except the group stays. He didn't move from his spot, he didn't care about the other dogs, but, good god, the dog cannot just stay in one position. He's up, he's down, he's upside down - obviously needs some work in that regard.

But combined with his recent obnoxiousness, it made me want to take a break from agility and go play with obedience for a while. We've really been focusing on agility, and for most of his life, as that is what he really enjoyed. But now that it seems he can enjoy other things, and I'm really happy with where he is in agility, I'd like to mix it up for a while. The problem is that there are events I want to go to! But I'm definitely okay with putting AKC trials on the backburner for a while. I think after April we may switch gears for a few months, I love training new things and we'll get lots of that in obedience as he really wasn't into it as puppy so we put it aside until he was older. I think he's ready! Bright will not be doing obedience, however, that would be her idea of torture.

I do plan to actually practice some obedience, as Haku acted like he had never seen articles in his life this week. Weirdest thing, he just went out and brought me every leather article, never sniffed, no recognition whatsoever. And that's just Haku, his learning process, well, it's unique. And never finished, apparently. But we DO have a trial next weekend, so we will actually practice. Maybe go to the park or something.

Rico has lost his title of 'Easiest Puppy Ever', it only took a week, apparently. He's 15 weeks and suddenly acting like a normal puppy. Not a bad one, just normal. Though my dogs were not impressed, especially the new Moody Teenage Navarre. There was much ugly face all around, not that Rico was discouraged. He still thinks he's beloved, which did not help the ugly faces. They all played with him at some point though, Rico was just here for a day.

We did go hiking, and it was a lovely day, though still water everywhere. Our Extreme Winter of Extremeness continues. Dogs had a good time, though Navarre mostly just wandered sullenly way at a distance, like an angsty teenager being forced to hike with his family. Bright and Haku played 'Stick', of course, and Rico barged his way into that, blatantly stealing the stick from Haku and hoarding it. But not from Bright, because she was not putting up with that shit. Everyone needs a good bitch, and Bright does her job well.

Rico did actually end up bringing me his stick, more often than not, when I invited him to do so. It was hard, as he likes to be the center of attention when he has the stick, so these retrieves counted double. He got lots of treats! And such a big change from one week to another, he can trot now! He was like a sack of potatoes on legs last week, this week he's really starting to get more coordinated. Crazy to think this three month old puppy now weighs as much as Bright! Beefcake!

Boys and their balls. ;-) I don't remember Slider and Steam being particularly bad, but I had no choice about their neuters. Merc and Davy have definitely benefitted from less hormones. Your forest romps look like a lot of fun!
Balls, they seem like way more trouble than they're worth.