Woah, March

Well March certainly snuck up on me, seems crazy that 2017 has gone by that fast. February had some nice days, but a gloomier, colder, wetter February than normal. Still not complaining though, I'd rather have cold than hot, and rain rather then sun. Soon enough it will be all hot, blinding sun and bugs everywhere. I'm in no rush, I hope we have a long, cool Spring. Though apparently we stole all our cold weather from the East coast this year, funny how that happens.

Navarre will be two next month! Though, to be fair, it's the end of April, so still pretty much two months from now. A big milestone though, I may neuter him for his birthday. He has been better, but very much still moody, distracted and into his nose. Admittedly, it does seem like all the girls are going into season at the moment, but I think he's sealed the deal - he'll most likely be neutered in May.

We did do one more week of playing around at 24 inches, catching up on the last of his Justine homework. I think it's been a good experiment, a good training and jumping exercise, but we're both happier at 20. As for USDAA ... well, we'll see. Looking forward to the next local 'international cup' in April, that is my kind of agility.

Also been working on our obedience, he's way more into it now that he's older - including thinking that recalls are actually kind of fun! I haven't pushed it though, we do a couple fast, fun reps and move on. Mostly been looking at heeling, it's always about heeling in obedience. He really believed that he should heel forging ahead about a foot in front of me, not sure where that came from. So we've been working on always rewarding behind my back with the opposite arm. And even after many, many repetitions where the treat is always delivered that way, he continues to look surprised to find it back there. Still, it does seem to be having an effect, we're finally being able to heel some inside circles without tripping over each other. Still a work in progress, but he's finding it pretty fun.

Meanwhile, Haku now gets to enter Open again! Look out, dumbbells, here comes Haku! He SO loves his dumbbells. We haven't been doing retrieves or drop on recall while working on his utility title, so it'll be fun to come back to those exercises again. The end of March there is another obedience competition with an agility show, but now I have to decide if I dare attempt to do both. It's one thing to squeeze in one obedience run with the agility, it's another to do both Open and Utility AND multiple dogs in agility. Hm. See, I need a back up handler for my dogs in agility. And I can just have one day of agility and one day of obedience, Albany is so much closer then it used to be. And then there is the big obedience show in Canby in April - SO CLOSE! I like Hubbard.

Still need to keep exploring potential hiking spots, where we've been going is not going to be a good summer option. But, boy, has it be wet and crazy - and this week is not shaping up to be any different.

Purple ring buds

Hard to believe that Fred is 9

I believe Razor is also 9 - crazy

Giant puppy is still giant, and at 4 months weighs more than Bright

Look at this talented PUD dog (though, let it be said, apparently technically the title abbreviation for preferred utility dog is NOT PUD. It's PCD, PCDX, and even PUDX - but for some reason preferred utility title is PUTD, which is not nearly as cute. He'll always be a PUD to me though)

Molly has things to say

Love you, Fred!
Razor is 10! I love Freddie too, we have been having a love affair recently. I love the bottom pic, you can see his missing incisor. Gap toothed Fred.

Maybe Fred and I should join you in the obedience ring and get that last leg for his CD. He just does not know how to enter the ring. We lost 7 points on our heel on leash, and a 1/2 point on our heel off leash. He enters the ring like it's agility and does not settle until the leash is off. You should help Freddie and I figure this out. He is way too excited for the obedience ring. What dog, pulls his handler into the ring to heel around in circles?

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10. That's Raze. Old man of the group. But Navarre and Dove are 2!!! Can't be. They're just puppies.

Congrats on the PUD! Yahoo! Sounds like you're loving your new location! Nice to be close to things:)

So giant puppy is about 30 pounds already!? Wow!