The Smallest Room

Okay, this is not real classy, but it did just crack me up and I had to take a picture. Taking 'following me to the bathroom' to a whole new level. My little toilet closet is a TINY room, but that is not discouraging anyone here.
Ha! Same thing happens at my house minus cats. Seriously impressed you got a full house in there!
ahahahah! That is a great picture that sums up life with border collies (and apparently main coon cats) very well!
Ahahaha this might be the greatest photo you've ever taken.
Oh my fucking gawd, BEST PHOTO EVER!!!!!
It's the toy in the lap, I mean seriously. When have you ever thrown a toy for them while in the toilet room? Ever hopeful.
I have contemplated taking this exact same photo at times.

I'm glad you did it, so now I don't have to!