brisbeethewhite (brisbeethewhite) wrote,

Pretend Finals

Set up the AKC NAC Finals course for classes this week. Well, a variation of it, naturally. Though the part I was able to put into the arena was fairly close to coursemap.

It was a fun course, fun to look at the different options through the dogwalk. I much preferred the pushback serp on #2 for both dogs, and the blind cross between 4 and 5 as well. Both of my dogs found the wrap to the inside at #2 to be a fun killer. But the real test was seeing what happened the FIRST time we ran it, just like we were actually there! And for Bright, she got a rerun due to a loose dog on course her first time through - then I ended up pulling her off a jump for her 'real' attempt. Tweet! And Navarre took out jump #8 his first run through, and I did a terrible job cueing from the aframe to the end - whoops. So, yeah, no national champions around here, much easier to find that out at home than travel across the country.

Back to the drawing board with Navarre and the dumbbell retrieve. Took the dumbbell out the park today with the frisbee and attempted to work on sending to retrieve the dumbbell and then throwing the frisbee on his way back. Oh, he thought this was SO STUPID. I gave it a good attempt, as I figured he would warm up once he figured out the game, but I could never get him to have any actual enthusiasm to getting the dumbbell - and in fact you could tell it just made him bitter about the dumbbell as it was obviously just stopping him from enjoying his frisbee. So, huh. Might just put that one away until he's older.


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