brisbeethewhite (brisbeethewhite) wrote,

Spring Hikers

Spring! It's official, suddenly everywhere you look, there it is. It may still be wet, but we've turned a corner. Of course, now I feel like I missed a lot of my 'Spring' and worry about getting everything squared away before Summer arrives. A big priority is finding hiking that will work during the summer. Looking for places that aren't too busy, have a lot of shade, not too steep and at least some water for the dogs.

Today we tried a different trail and it was lovely! I don't know how busy it will be in the summer though. We ran across a group of horses  and two sets of hikers today. So we'll see. Though, let it be said how good the border collies are. They are just such GOOD dogs, I don't worry about them at all. I don't worry about them doing anything stupid, and I don't worry about coming across other people. They come right to me, they ignore the dogs and people (and horses!) we pass. And they're so HAPPY, there is nothing like border collies to make everything seem fun. They are simple creatures, in the nicest sense, so easily amused. All you need is a stick. Really, you don't even need the stick.

I keep hearing these horror stories about other breeds. Like the GSP that took off into the river chasing seals and wouldn't come back and nearly drowned. The terv that is so prey obsessed she can't be let off lead hiking or she'll get lost chasing wildlife. The terrier that, well, can't be let off lead at all and wants to kill other dogs. Border collies really are easy, and I feel very lucky I can do these things and not worry they're going to do anything stupid. And they like me, and they think I'm really fun and endlessly amusing. There is something very charming about that.

Speaking of dogs that find me fun, Navarre is so much better these days with the whole intact deal. His obnoxious behavior seemed to wax and wane with Dove being in season. And maybe it was just a coincidence, but he's so much less angsty at the moment. He just seems like Navarre again, and while he's still exploring the wonders of pee licking I have tentatively given him a neuter reprieve. Keeping in mind that he stil technically has until May, we'll see if I change my mind.

Another big bonus of Normal Navarre returning, he's not obsessively grooming Fizban anymore. Which means that Fizban's weird bump on his head seems to be going back to normal. I had brought Fizzy into the vet to get it checked out, but they were no help at all. Woodburn vet, not impressed. So, the assumption is that the grooming aggravated the bump, and now that he's not doing that anymore, the bump is going back to normal. Not that we know what the bump is still (he's had it for years).


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