Go Pixel!

I look good with a pyrshep, if I do say so myself:

Pixel is like ... 15 months?  Somewhere in there, such a fun girl, Carol has done a wonderful job with her. And this was Pixel's first time running agility with someone other than her mom - she has skills! Though, to be fair, Carol kindly edited out the bits of Pixel attempting to kill me by darting under my legs.
Holy cow!!! She's amazing!!! What a fun little dog... like she could be anything but at agility too!
I know, right? Seems like only yesterday she was a tiny sprite of a thing visiting you and Tammy at your place!
I just love watching this video and yes, you do look good with a Pyr Shep! I was so happy she ran so well for you. She IS such a good little pup, thanks for running her for me.