Damn it! you too? As I said to biggmellon I don't feel like they can really DO anything with this change. But I do understand why "supporting" those types of policies would feel bad. I get it. I probably won't update when my account comes up for renewal. I've not decided.

damn ruskies.
I just don't want to be involved with any of it, it's really scary and ugly in Russia and not anything I want to support. It was a sad day when livejournal moved there, I guess this is just the end of the line. Sigh.
Gah, I've been thinking about this too but I love being able to friends lock posts and to have my friends page to look at everything. Thinking about dreamwidth.
I am very sad. While I understand the reasons to leave, our little LJ community is breaking up and I feel like I am loosing my family.
It really is, it's been such a happy place for so long, and I can't imagine we'll ever have that same sense of online community again. Makes me very sad too. :-(
I sent you a Facebook Friends request! I hope you accept it. Something like ten years of following your Livejournal? I've become quite attached.
Yeah, it will be really weird, I've gotten such a kick out of reading your adventures through the years. I didn't see a FB request, try Heather Christenson, as we should totally be super best FB friends. ;-)
I don't know what's happened but so glad you are not stopping all together! I found your blog many years ago when I first moved to the UK and was googling Agility in London! Lol since then so many blogs have gone but I love reading your adventures. xx