March 1st, 2008


Wish we were there!  We WILL get all these birthdays properly celebrated eventually.  In the meantime, I'll be thinking of you as I continue to trip over your gift every time I go through the door.

Enough about sick kitties already

Okay, so the kitties (and everyone else!) are doing pretty darn good (considering) and we're having a nice relaxing weekend at home.

I was just going to erase this video, but it was so cute I decided to keep it.  After Brisbee got the basic idea of the nose touch I put it away for awhile as I wanted to get his paw up over his nose more before I named it and got distracted by other things.

I had some time the other day and was playing around with all the dogs and it was SO FRICKEN ADORABLE to see all of them offering nose touches at once!  So I said, "I HAVE to get this on video or else Rosie will never believe how cute it is!"  Okay, so hanging around informally having the dogs offer random behavior is a WAY different story than trying to get the dogs to all to sit next to each other and not move so they stay in frame or block each other AND get them to now offer the behavior at the same time on cue (which Brisbee doesn't even know yet).  

SO wasn't happening, and it seemed a bit lame to put up yet another trick video where the dogs aren't actually doing the trick ... but hey, what can I say, I'm lame, but my dogs are still very cute.  And if you look VERY CLOSELY you will briefly see all three dogs touching their noses at once.  Brisbee's is really weak, but I can't complain, it was a bit unfair to ask him to perform with all the pressure when we haven't finished training it.  Fenwick just cracks me up when he just keeps switching paws, he's so adorable.