April 5th, 2017

Spring Cup Revisited

Set up the jumpers course from the Spring Cup for classes this week, that was a fun course to look at again.  Amusingly, on our second 'attempt' at this course, both dogs had completely different faults than at the trial. Bright went to the wrong end of a tunnel (admittedly, I WAS pushing in that direction!), Navarre ran past a push back serp (that's all on him, he's normally so good with these!) - but they both got the weaves, so, hey. We did try the weaves as both a rear cross and the blind crossing the exit, the rear cross was so much easier in my mind. Also did the awkward pull into them that I originally attempted with Bright at the trial, and Navarre did it, but it's just awkward and clunky.

Made some trialing decisions and did decide to enter the USDAA trial in May with Navarre, in Performance 20 inches. Not as cheap as CPE, but still cheaper than AKC and we can do a lot of runs and hopefully get some of the sightseeing out. Also entered a one ring AKC trial down in Eugene, a new location for him, and just a good schedule with a good judge. I'm giving Bright the benefit of the doubt and entered her in a full weekened, but if we still can't pull it together for anything down there, we'll go on a trialing break. Not entering Bright in the USDAA show, just going to focus on Navarre and getting his baby dog on. We have three seminar-ish things in the next few months, hoping that will help Bright and I get our groove back.