And even more league!

Fenwick and Brisbee got the cold league tonight.  Not as cold as it could be though, I suppose.  I seem to recall some real cold nights last year, and we've still got two weeks left.  Maybe they're saving the really cold weather this year for our pot luck on the last night.  Brrr.

And the standard course tonight looked totally different yet again, you'd think I'd stop being surprised.  I find it actually harder to run things this way.  It's like going out and running and course, and then having people move things just enough so that you can't really run it the same way as you did before.  I WALKED this course like I should have run it ... but ran it like it was a different course!  Oh well.  At least Fenwick made me feel better when he turned the wrong way out of the tunnel ... and went out AROUND all the equipment to come back to me like London did.  Other than some messing about we muddled through.  Not a nice course, that's for sure.

The game at least we did right this time, which really just involves me standing in one place and while Fenwick goes around and around, but I had still managed to mess it up on Thursday.

Brisbee just gets more and more distracted - and weaves, what ARE those?  I checked to make sure, and, yes, he can still weave, but apparently not in competition these days.  Got through the game though, so we'll see where the team ends up this week.

As an experiment I did let London do the treadmill tonight.  I was curious to see if there was any shortening of stride on either side, but both front and rear were extending equally on both sides.  Then he totally freaked me out by not finishing his dinner, but then I realized I had forgotten to let him out when we got home from league and he just REALLY needed to go.  He came back in and finished it right up.

More snow this weekend?  I certainly hope so!  Staying all cozy at home, maybe make some more chili and read a book while cuddling with kitties as the snow falls ...
It's weird that you and Bonnie are both saying it didn't run well. It did when I set it up and sent it to Dwight last summer. I did design it for 10' more of space end to end, so it got totally squashed in the middle. I'd have shifted it if Dwight had sent it back and told me I only had 80' to work with. I don't know why it's not running well for people. But I can't get out there to find out!
I know the problem I had with it is the weaves were 10' past and 10' to the side of the tire. The angle ended up being pretty hard along with the big, bulky tire being there and the dogs not being able to really see the weaves. I also got stuck getting my dogs around the two jumps before the tire and was not close enough to shape/help the entry into the weaves in any way too. Nessa landed, half a stride and hit the entry, but was on the left lead and couldn't turn to weave.

I think taking those two jumps out at the top of the six jumps and stretching that whole middle out would have made a world of difference!