Wintery treadmill action

I got my snow today!  Another winter wonderland for us out here this morning.  It changed to freezing rain and wind in the evening, but hey, I cooked chili and made the best of it.  I do like winter ... for a little while, at least.  Life without seasons would be very bland.

Took some video of the dogs on the treadmill today.  We've had it for 3 weeks or so now.  We haven't used it every day, but the dogs have had enough exposure to pretty used to it by now.  

Fenwick is just as crazy about it as ever while Brisbee continues to surprise me with his ever increasing enthusiasm.  Poco is still figuring it out as she tends to take her time with this sort of thing in general.  She also doesn't want to 'pull', so this keeps her to a more sedate trot - which isn't a bad thing!  But she doesn't quite have the confidence I would like to see, nor does she particulary seem to be enjoying it, she's just humoring me for now.  I still have hope for her, you can't rush Poco, she will do things in her own time.  London also hasn't quite figured out exactly what he wants to do, while it seems very natural for Fenwick and Brisbee, London doesn't seem quite as consistant with what he's doing.  London really has more enthusiasm than style.  In this video it's at the end of his 3 minutes and I was just screwing with him seeing what he would do if I asked him to find the 'space monkeys' (ceiling fan) while he was on the mill.  I'd like him to learn to use that energy he puts out towards the ceiling fan for something constructive.
Ricky wants to hunt for space monkeys!!! That looks like so much fun- might just have to have Santa bring one to our house.

I lived in Florida for 6 years- while it was pretty fun spending Christmas on the beach and surfing it was very hard not having the season changes and all the plants & trees always looking the same was so boring.
I'd say the treadmill is worth the cost, it really is quite the workout in a short period of time. Obviously not replacing 'real' exercise, but a great addition. My biggest fear was the dogs would all hate it and I'd have an attractive treadmill decorative item in my back room, but luckily they've all humored me!
I definitely want one! Fenwick is amazing, I noticed how he barked less and less as he was doing it, he had to breathe instead. You can really see poco is doing it only cause you ask her, she was getting weirded out by getting farther back. but she kept trying. What do the dogs do afterwards? go crash? do you stretch them out before hopping on to the mill?
Yeah, that's the trick, warming them up beforehand, as I don't want to put them onto the mill 'cold'. So usually we do the mill in the evening before dinner. They're all pretty active in the hours before they eat, running around wrestling, playing and basically bugging me until I feed them. During the day they pretty much nap, so I don't want to use it as much then unless we've come back from someplace else.

Afterwards they've just been pretty active for a few hours, then had some hard exercise and with a full stomach they're all ready to chill for a while.