Some bad trick video

Okay, note to self - Put cats away before attempting to do any video that involves food!  Not only was half the footage ruined by a cat coming and sitting in front of the camera, but I put the bowl of food on top of the bookcase and the destructive power of their collective might as they all attempted to get up there was something to behold.  Of course, then there was the footage that looked really cute ... except that the dogs' heads were cut off out of frame.

Mostly I'm calling this my warm up video, as obviously the dogs needed a refresher on the tricks anyway.  Next time I'll have a plan, a list of tricks, make sure the dogs remember them BEFORE videoing as well as make sure I get the WHOLE dog in frame.  Oh well, it was a learning experience.  Who knew this would be so difficult?

London's "Jump into arms" progression

Random video of the dogs doing tricks (and sometimes NOT doing tricks, but looking very cute anyway!)
Very systematic and creative way to teach this! Very cute!
London rocks!
Top Nacho!!

Those were great. I think having the added "distraction" of cats totally in the way raises the whole thing to an expert level.
I loved the cats!

Anyhow, they're probably a lot calmer about the dogs being trained than the dogs would be about the cats being trained...

Thanks for posting video!

I loved the cats, too. I love how they just sit there in the middle of everything.

And Wow!, Poco is so fast! It's nice to get a chance to see her on video.
Poor Poco, she doesn't get the screen time of the other dogs. She learns very differently, and actually learns best by watching me train OTHER dogs - she taught herself to roll over and to do the teeter that way! And she NEVER forgets things once she learns them. Very different than my other dogs.
Darling video, I may have to try and teach Vic to jump in my arms. London looks a bit bigger than Vic and that looks like a good way to keep from getting face smashed by my delicate flower. ;-) I also LOVE the cats!
Awesome. The videos aren't as bad as you think--I didn't notice any issues, but of course the videographer always notices.

Tika was asleep upstairs in my bedroom, but when your clicker started going, she richocheted off the walls trying to get down here for some goodies. Now THAT is a dog who responds to the clicker.

Wow, London looks HUGE jumping onto your lap. All of my dogs (up to 55 lbs) have done it, but I don't think any of them looked quite so unwieldy. Maybe because he's just uncertain of his balance up there?

Now I'm motivated to work on the toy pickup and the ball balancing things. Very cool. And I love watching your variety of dogs.

London IS huge, it's no optical illusion (he's tall, but mostly he's just really, really LONG).

We spent quite a while on just getting him comfortable balancing on my lap, it was actually a great exercise for my big dorky boy (and it also taught him how to balance on the exercise ball as well). After all that, the rest was easy!
Hey Heather. Thanks for the Video on "jump into my arms". I have wanted to teach my boys that but was AFRAID. Now you have given me some tools to use with Force. My boys are all about the size of London so I should be able to do it once I get the hang of it. Thanks.
inspired by the cats
After watching your cats on video I started thinking about a video I did about ten years ago of my kids training their animals when they were eight and nine years old. I dug through all my old VHS tapes and found it, it's terrible quality, but they do a nice job with their cats considering that at that age neither kid had a lot of experience. I'm gonna try to post it to my blog later today if I can transfer it to my computer.
Fun videos and some very neat tricks.

I was waiting for London to pick up the cat and put him/her into the toybox. :-)

London being a male, he probably wouldn't mind if I asked how much he weighs? I'm considering trying the jump into arms trick with one of my dogs but not sure if 45 lbs is too much. But, Ellen has done it with up to 55 lbs...?
London is 45 lbs, and I think a bit bigger wouldn't make that big of a difference. Really, he does most of the work.
One member of our club used to do it with his Newfie. But he (the club member) was young(er than me maybe) and fit and about 6'2".