And they're off! *Results!*

I'm anxious to hear what you think of the seminar- I really considered coming up to it. But stoopid Gas prices discouraged me.
ooooh, that first standard is a toughy!! Especially right in the beginning when you're trying to ease off the nerves. I predict some off-courses!

Let me know what you think of Suzanne. I just couldn't spend that money at this time. But I love that woman (or what I read from her)... I hope she's 1/2 as cool in person.

I see loads of pictures on the AKC site... hoping for results to come before TOMORROW! :)
What's with the threadles?

Suzanne Clothier is really fun, have a good time. I decided not to go this year, but have always enjoyed it when I've gone.
Thanks for posting this info! Kate told me there was some pushy pigeon that kept hanging out on the course. It just walked away from attempts to shoo him off, so the ring workers gave up and he kept his front row seat. ;-)